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06–07/11/2017 • SEČ • CZECH REPUBLIC


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Conference topics

Pigments – production, properties and applications

  • Pigments – white and colored (organic / inorganic)
  • Anticorrosive pigments
  • Application of pigments – construction, coatings, plastics and rubbers

Binders – properties and applications

  • Inorganic binders – silicate, alumino-silicate and phosphoric acid binder for ceramics, construction, high temperature coatings, foundry mixtures, special binders for construction
  • Organic binders – for paints and construction industry
  • Additives – ingredients and additives for construction chemicals and coatings
  • Application of binders – construction, coatings, foundry

Nanomaterials, special materials and technologies, legislation

  • Metal nanomaterials (NM) – Fe, Ag, Au, etc.
  • Carbon / NM
  • Metal oxides – TiO2, SiO2, Al2O3, ZnO, ZrO2
  • Inorganic NM – inorganic fibers, clays, zeolites, silicates
  • Applications of nanomaterials
  • Effects of NM on the environment

List of recived lectures

  • Problematic protective efficiency of 1component cement-polymeric elastic membranes in permanent immersion
  • TiO2 world news
  • Are there any scientific reasoning for TiO2 classification?
  • The possibilities of information searching regarding the fulfillment of legal obligations for SVHC and other substances used in paints, coatings and binders
  • Water borne DTM Coatings - Some rules for success
  • Effect of plasma jet modification on powder additives sedimentation
  • α-Fe2O3/TiO2 photoanodes for energy and environmental applications
  • Synthesis of star polymers applicable as filler for polyurethane coatings by ionic polymerization
  • The influence of polyaniline benzoate on the corrosion inhibition efficiency of zinc-filled organic coatings
  • Pigments and binders from the point of view of molecular spectroscopy
  • Powder rheology of nanocrystalic particles
  • Composite photocatalyst based on TiO2-active carbon
  • Control of surface properties of transparent water borne lacQuers based on acrylic latexes
  • Curing of high-solid alkyd binders by cobalt-based drier
  • New possibilities of vibrational spectroscopy on a field of pigment analysis
  • Mechanical and anticorrosive properties of organic coatings containing surface-treated talc particles depending on dopant type
  • Power Ultrasonics for the Dispersion of Pigment Formulations and Coatings
  • Water based coatings with improved flame stability  due to phosphazene derivate application
  • Formulating Universal Pigment Concentrates
  • Coloristic and colorimetry in refinish car paint practice

List of recived posters

  • Mechanical pretreatment of zinc surface and comparison of coating materials for the duplex system
  • Evaluation of drying time during film formation of fast drying organic coatings using mechanical recorder
  • Evaluation of the Antimicrobial Activity of Water-Borne and Polyurethane Solvent-Borne Coating Materials for Wooden Furniture According to Common and Newly Invented Testing Methods
  • Effect of conductive polymers on protective properties of zinc-pigmented coatings
  • Anticorrosive properties of organic coatings with a high content of zinc and magnesium metal
  • Coating materials for anti-corrosion protection containing chemical and physical properties of pigments based on mixed oxides of iron
  • D-glucose based biodegradable polymeric systems
  • Study of the anticorrosive properties of paints with pigments surface treated by polyparaphenylenediamine
  • Vanadium-based drier suitable for alkyd paints
  • Waterborne self-crosslinking polymer dispersions with biocidal effect
  • Usage of conductive polymers in paint
  • Development of the molecular weight of styren-acrylate and methylmethacrylate-acrylate emulsion copolymers
  • Polyurethane binders and adhesives using recycled polyurethane waste

The conference program and list of lectures/posters will be published continously.


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